Optimal Aerodynamics


International consultants in aircraft design, aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics.






Optimal aerodynamics is an independent consultancy specialising in all aspects of aerodynamic design and analysis. Our experience encompasses the design and analysis of wide body airliner wings, instrumentation of a land speed record car, the conceptual and detail design of a 6,000 lb single engine turboprop and the design and manufacture of sailplane winglets.


We undertake work and offer advice and in all aspects of aircraft design from concept, through wind tunnel and flight testing to certification. In particular we are expert in exploiting the remarkable potential of modern computational design and analysis methods while harnessing the vast legacy of historical aerodynamic data embodied within the empirical design literature.


Our skills include:


Aircraft conceptual design

Drag and weight estimation

Engine performance modelling

Configuration selection

Planform optimisation

Prediction of stall characteristics

Modelling of take off and landing field performance

Mission performance modelling

Stability and control analysis




Aerofoil and flap design

2D computational fluid dynamic analysis

Proprietary software for the ‘direct’ optimisation of aerofoils

Proprietary software for the ‘inverse design’ of flaps









Wing design

3D computational fluid dynamic analysis

Lofting and surfacing from aerofoil sections

Loads analysis and finite element stress analysis

Aeroelastic analysis







Detail design

Flying control design

Engine intake design

Winglet design

Wing body fairing design

Excrescence drag minimisation







Computational Fluid Mechanics

Subsonic flows – Panel/boundary element methods

Transonic flows with weak shocks – Full potential methods

Transonic flows with strong shocks – Euler & Navier-Stokes methods

Separated flows – Navier-Stokes methods








Wind tunnel testing

Program design and specification

Model design and stressing

Instrumentation design and specification

Model manufacture

Testing and data capture

Post test analysis and report generation





Stress analysis

‘Hand calcs’

Finite element analysis

Mechanical test specification and design

Force measurement instrumentation

Strain gauging







Computer aided design

Mechanical design

Class A surfacing









We consider no project to be too small or too large, whether it be modification of a microlight or the high speed design of a transport aircraft wing.



For  further information on our capabilities email: info@optimal-aerodynamics.com

or telephone +44(0)7790015139